About Us

From game through design to beautiful board game accessories

I've been a gamer through all my life. Since childhood I spent hours playing anything I could. At some point this became video games only. Turning into my education and then a job as Games Programmer. I've been making video games for more than a decade before going back to board games a few years ago.

And it was such a shock! There is so many of them and they are soo good and so much fun!

The second thing that was passing through my life is crafting. I always did some DIY projects, a bathroom redecoration here, a little table there, some fixed furniture sometimes...
When I came to board games I started PnP-ing and making giant versions of games for friends. And then I saw all the possibilities of a 3D printer.
3D printing brings fantastic possibilities, but the quality of things printed was not acceptable to me. All the ugly lines and artifacts. This was true until resin printers came out. So I got one and BAM! All my hobbies came into one thing!
I can do things for games, beautiful things, and i am pretty much crafting them! wow!
But there's only so many designs out there freely available. So I had to get to another thing I always wanted to do: 3D design! I now have motivation to learn Blender.

I start simple, with an idea to make a sphere with attached spokes - that's how my first virus comes to life. A few days of testing, changing, updating and the Pandemic set is done.
Then I read a manual for a game and there's an idea to use statues, so I search for 3D scans (with free, open license), work for a few months on adding bases and the Cooper Island set is born.
And so it goes. I play a game, I get an idea, do some blender fun and print it. Then do some more blender fun, adjust the item to be playable until I'm satisfied and then I put it out there for sale.

On the first day my Pandemic set was available, I sold 10 sets. It was an incredible boost to creativity and morale. So satisfying!

Over a year later and I've had almost a thousand sales. Apart from 3D printing there's now natural stone, real tiny bricks, machined brass and tiny glass bottles filled with colorful liquids...

I'm expanding my workshop and my skillset and am exploring different technologies that I can use for accessory production.


Once I got a CNC router the world of possibilities expanded, so I can move to all-natural materials, crafting premium wooden accessories like trays, clocks, coasters.