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Premium Meeple Coasters - Bamboo with colored edges

Premium Meeple Coasters - Bamboo with colored edges

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Secondary color

Bamboo coasters in the shape of a Meeple.
Ideal as a decoration for your gaming table or as a gift for your gaming friends.
Each coaster has a chamfered edge painted in one of the traditional board game colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White or Pink).
Other colors can be found in separate listings.

The coasters are 5mm thick (around 1/5 inch), which gives them nice hefty feel.

Bamboo is naturally resistant to spills, no need to cover it with chemical protection.

Colored with environmentally friendly acrylic paints.

Bamboo is a natural, material with a carbon impact similar to wood, but easier to renew. Bamboo grass grows much faster than trees, which makes reforesting faster.

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